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That was rather interesting. i quite iked how it made barly any sense and was quite random. Your style is great and you are a good animator. keep it up.


as it got closer it looked like a different person! Your other stuff might be crap but this was great

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nice job

clever, very clever. i liked the idea, maybe a sequel with talking and a battle scene between the O2 and the lungs? Anyway good job. i'll be keeping an eye out for some of your up coming animations.

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Great game! Very Unique

Loved playing it. Very addictive! the music went well with the game. The tank it's self...you need some better graphics, maybe 4 number 2 you can make it so you can customize your tank and a few more enemys. Great job though, cant wait until number 2.


Like the idea fun and addictive but why the tetris music? It's used to much on newgrunds, insted of shooting red flash, you shoot shoot the tetris theme lol! Any way cool game but i didnt queit get the scoring system

Good game.

Last time i played this i was on albinobalcksheep but i'm happy it's on newgrounds coz i can put it in my favourites! The game is very addictive and the idea is very nice but you should maybe make the music longer because it cuts out or do sound affects when your flying but anyways good game!

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Hey max. U made a good one this time. Havnt liked many of your other ones but this one aint half bad. Though the drums are a little repeditive.

Xyresic responds:

Thanks for the review man.


um yeah. Nice song by the way im not a black man. what was with ur commnent on my blog whcih said someting allong the lines og blackmen and shoes??? it wasent even a blog it was just something i wrote down whilst i was having a spasm.

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LOTS of variety made it really interesting. I love the bass in one bit. Did u use premade loops or did u make em all? btw thnks for your feedback on my song Energized (yes i called it energizzzed, but only because energized was already taken)

Edalas responds:

Thanks, I've made like 80% of those loops but I also used some premade loops. I reconsider remastering this song in the futur if I get better.

Never drink Solo light, it tastes like tennis balls! Cereal, who ever you are, please. Take time on your entries INSTED OF LOADING THE PORTAL WITH CRAP! DONT STEAL MUSIC!

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